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Expand the possibilities.
Marquee Solid Wall

Solid Wall

Enclose your shelter and effortlessly protect yourself from the elements.
Marquee Window Wall

Window Wall

Protect yourself from the elements and maintain clear visibility in & out.
Marquee Multi Wall


A true “all-in-one” wall with a door, window, mesh, and solid configuration.
Marquee Lock Bar

Lock Bar

Add strength to the shelter or use it to mount a half wall.
Marquee Half Wall

Half Wall

Perfect for someone who is serving from inside to stand behind.
Marquee Awning


Add that extra little bit of space and sun protection easily and effortlessly.
Marquee Gutter


Stay waterproof even when using two shelters side by side.
Marquee Sand Bag

Sand Bag Weights

Prevent your shelter from moving in the wind with 8kg of ballast on the leg.
Cast Iron Leg Weights

Cast Iron Weights

Ensure your safety is maintained in higher wind by weighting your shelter.
Marquee Clamp


Rigidly mount two shelters together when they’re set up side by side.
Marquee Carry Bag

Carry Bag

Easily transport your Technishelter™ to wherever you need.
Carry Bag With Wheels

Wheeled Bag

Move your Technishelter™ solo with our carry cover with added wheels.