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Technishelter™ Marquee

The Last Marquee You'll Ever Buy

We believe shelter should be easy, reliable, and convenient. Our Technishelters™ were developed around creating convenience in the lives of those who use them - and today they're the best they've ever been.

The Technishelter™ Brand Promises

Keep Cool. Stay Dry. Feel Safe. Look Good.

Keep Cool

Staying sun smart and comfortable is simple when you have our nextUV™ fabric looking over you. 

Our industry leading advancements in textile engineering have enabled us to create nextUV™ which blocks 99.9% of UVA & UVB.
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100% Waterproof

Stay Dry

We've created an exclusive 14 step process that's precisely crafted to assemble our roofs and walls in a way that ensures you stay 100% dry inside each and every Technishelter™.

Coupled with a 5000mm hydrostatic waterproofness rating, nextUV™ fabric has you covered.
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Thoroughly Engineered

Feel Safe

We’re devoted to safety. That means we don’t bring any Technishelter™ to market unless it meets our strict structural standards. 

We design, prototype, build, test, redesign, and retest until we achieve our target; only then does each shelter receive the Technishelter™ brand.
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Look Good

Nothing stands in the way of a successful presence at your next event with our customisation options.

We’ll help you design a Technishelter™ that delights you every time you set up, and when you walk away and look back, you revere.
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