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Technishelter™ Marquee

Technishelter® Brand Promises Program

When you buy a Technishelter you're not just buying a marquee, you're also buying a member into our "Brand Promises" program that ensures smooth and worry free operation as we back our products to go the extra mile.

Our Promises To You

Your Technishelter® comes with a materials and workmanship warranty as follows on the individual components
⮞  Circulex® Frame - 20 years  ⮜
⮞  Plain / Unprinted NextUV® roof / walls - 5 years  ⮜
⮞  Printed DuraWeave™ roof / walls - 2 years  ⮜

We stand by our product and therefore make the guarantee that this product will provide you worry free operation for a period of 3 years (print fade limited to 2 years) from the date of purchase.
UPF50+ NextUV®

Technishelter® Will Keep You Cool

NextUV® will provide shade and prevent sunburn.

Staying sun smart and comfortable is simple when you have our NextUV® fabric looking over you. 

Our industry leading advancements in textile engineering have enabled us to create NextUV® which blocks 99.9% of UVA & UVB.
Waterproof NextUV®

You'll Stay Dry In A Technishelter®

NextUV® will maintain its waterproofness.

We've created an exclusive 14 step process that's precisely crafted to assemble our roofs and walls in a way that ensures you stay 100% dry inside each and every Technishelter®.

Coupled with a 5000mm hydrostatic waterproofness rating, NextUV® fabric has you covered.
Thoroughly Engineered

Technishelter® Will Let You Feel Safe

The Circulex® frame will maintain function and withstand it’s allowable wind speed.

We’re devoted to safety. That means we don’t bring any Technishelter® to market unless it meets our strict structural standards. 

We design, prototype, build, test, redesign, and retest until we achieve our target; only then does each shelter receive the Technishelter™ brand.
Completely Customisable

Your Technishelter® Will Look Good 

Nothing stands in the way of a successful presence at your next event with our customisation options.

We’ll help you design a Technishelter® that delights you every time you set up, and when you walk away and look back, you revere.

What Is Expected Of You

These products are temporary shelters and have a maximum design limits - they are not indestructible. Their design allows them  to be dismantled in a rapid manner and should be done so if the wind speed, including gusts, is expected to exceed the design  limits of the structures. 


There is an explicit expectation that you as the user of the Technishelter® follow a duty of care with respect to not using the product outside it’s design limits. To qualify for the Brand Promises, it is required that you appropriately secure the marquee to the  ground as per the following table and the Technishelter® is supervised at all times.
Weight vs Wind 15kg per leg30kg per leg45kg per leg60kg per leg75kg per leg90kg per leg
2.4x2.4m5268 8091101110
3x6m 334352596571
The amount of wind (in km/h), including gusts, a marquee can withstand for a given amount of weighting on each of the legs


The Technishelter® must also be set up in such a way that allows it to function as per it's design. 

Water is designed to run off the roof in and efficient manner, but this means the Technishelter® must be set up level and even, otherwise it will prevent the water running off correctly and may lead to failure.

General Disclosures

● Some minor water penetration may occur through the eyelets used on the roof / walls.
● The lighter colours allow more ambient light underneath and therefore the apparent feeling of warmth underneath may be greater in lighter colours.
● The Brand Promises do not cover general wear and tear, including, but not limited to scratches, dragging, scuffing, etc.