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5 Tips To Dial A Printed Marquee Up To Eleven

May 11, 2020
5 Tips To Dial A Printed Marquee Up To Eleven
Written by Eryn B

Buying a printed marquee is not something that you do every day. We understand that it’s a large investment to make, which is why we want to ensure that you get the best value for your money possible. 

The most common artwork requests we receive are for a solid roof colour, with a logo, a business name, and some contact details. While  this looks clean and professional, we often encourage our customers to think outside the box, giving them an opportunity to stand out from the status quo.  

The great thing about a printed marquee is that there are no limitations as to what can be printed. It can be as “out there” as you want, or as basic as you want, but either way the price doesn't actually change.

At the end of the day, we’re here to work with you to create the marquee that you want. And our team is genuinely invested in the idea that if you’re spending on a marquee, you should get the most amount of enjoyment from it as possible.

Tip 1: Don’t rush it

We’ve all been there when the circumstances around us have changed, and we are left scrambling to organise something that wasn’t originally needed. Life is always throwing curveballs, and we especially know this to be true when it comes to planning an event. 

It’s also safe to say we have all left something to the last minute. Often we get caught up with other important priorities, but we know all too well that the one thing we left at the bottom of the list will eventually creep it’s way to the top.

When it comes to ordering a printed marquee, it is good to set an expectation as to how much time you will need to allow for. An average inquiry process goes something like this: 

  • New inquiry received (1 business day)
  • Quotation sent (1 business day)
  • Follow up - we make sure you receive the quote and give you as much time as you need to think
  • Decision making process (up to 4 weeks) 
    • Speaking to managers
    • Hold committee meetings
    • Meet with co-workers / partners
  • Order acceptance and payment (1 week) 
  • Waiting for the assets such as logos, design instructions etc. (1 week)
  • Artwork (1-2 business days)
  • Artwork changes and approval (1-2 weeks)
  • Production (2-3 weeks)
  • Delivery (1-10 business days, location depending)

When you total the average, that makes it around 2-3 months for the decision making alone. Production and delivery adds 2-4 weeks, making it the fastest part of the whole process. Three months may seem like enough time to plan, but from our experience, it goes by very quick!

Rushed decisions can lead to subpar results

While a marquee can be produced and delivered in as quickly as 2-3 weeks, the problem lies with deadlines close to this time frame that are forced to cut short their entire decision making process. The final result can often leave people feeling a sense of dissatisfaction as they may not have the product they envisaged, or worse, not meeting their need.

We find that rushed artwork compromises:

  • Assets used (i.e. unable to source a good quality logo/photo for your design)
  • The ability to do multiple concepts to see what design works best
  • Time to do 3D mock ups to see exactly what the marquee could look like
  • Getting enough feedback from key members of your team/business 
  • Smaller details that may be overlooked and impact the overall aesthetic of your design

If you don’t need to rush your marquee order, don’t! Allow as much time for the artwork stage as possible, because this is definitely something that you want to do once, and do right. 

Tip 2: You can print anything

If you’ve read any of our other articles, then we are surely sounding like a broken record when it comes to the possibilities of your artwork. It’s because we get excited when we see creative, unique, and eccentric artwork on our marquees! There really are no limits as to what can be printed. 

It is all made possible through digital printing. Just like your office or home printer that feeds in a white sheet of paper and then coats it with ink, we do the same thing but with a fabric printer on an industrial scale.

Digitally Printed Marquee - Crud Muffins
Crud Muffins went all out with their printed marquee

This means there is no extra effort on our part during the manufacturing process; whether you are printing a blue background, or printing a stunning masterpiece.

Let your imagination go a bit nuts!

Tip 3: Be creative & use images

A marquee serves a basic function of shelter from rain, wind, and sun, but at the same time it should also be attractive to those you’re trying to engage with. 

So when you are thinking about what to put on your marquee, take a bold approach.. Most people simply pick a background colour, a logo, and contact details displayed on the front. You can still incorporate all these important details, as well as spicing up the visual aspect.  If you aren’t sure, you can always ask our design team for some ideas!  

Imagine being the only sports club on the oval with an awesome design that tributes the passion and hard work of your team. Or, being the only market stall in your strip with delicious, hunger-inducing designs that will give anyone a mad case of food envy! It really pays to visually “feed” your audience, and to set up in a place where you will be seen.

Essendon FC Printed Marquee
This marquee ALMOST makes you want to change footy teams

First impressions are the impressions that last with customers, and a marquee will do just that. It’s the first thing people see even before they speak to you, so make it memorable. 

Tip 4: Don’t underinvest

A marquee is not a small investment, we completely understand that. And because of that we always recommend to customers to always invest the appropriate amount that will help them achieve their goal. 

As my dad always used to say to me when I was young, if you’re prepared to spend $500 on the base model, spending an extra $200 from that entry level to the best available product is not much more, and often better long term value. Limiting your budget for a small saving now will only limit you further in your endeavours later on. 

The same goes for printed marquees. You might find a printed marquee for $500, but if it requires constant replacement, it definitely makes an initial top quality printed marquee for $1500 cheaper in the long term. Another thing many people neglect is leg weights. You may not be setting up on a mountain or by the beach, but that doesn’t mean a strong gust of wind can’t catch you unawares. Safety (for people and for your marquee) is definitely something you do not want to compromise on! 

If you cannot afford what you need now, then it may be wise to put your plans on hold until you save the funds for everything you need. If you are committed to getting only the best for your business or club, why should a marquee be any different?

Tip 5: Don’t be afraid to ask for help

A lot of people treat buying marquees like they would their groceries; they are only looking for products that meet their needs. While this mentality may be fine for groceries, marquees are a whole new ball game. 

When it comes to marquees, you need to understand your product. Not only to ensure it meets your needs, but primarily for your safety and the safety of others. It will also help you make the most of your investment, and better reach your target audience. This is what you should expect from your chosen marquee supplier, and it is what we strive for here at Technishelter. 

CBG Team Working
Some of our team working hard

We are genuinely interested in helping you create the best possible marquee that you can. We get a kick out of designing a great marquee, and an even bigger kick out of seeing that printed marquee being used out in public. When I happen to see one of our marquees out-and-about,, you can bet my phone will be out and happy snapping away to show the rest of the team.

Ask us for our ideas

We make thousands of marquees a year and have extensive experience around what works and what doesn’t.

If you have no idea where to begin, don’t be afraid to ask us to just whip something up based on our experience. We may not be designers by trade, but we have been putting marquee designs together for over ten years. A small percentage of marquees every year have been completely conceptualised and designed by members of our artwork team. 

So get in touch and just say “go for it”. 

Multiple Concepts

We can appreciate both the realism and abstract when it comes to art. While they are both very different styles, sometimes you just need something visual to compare and see what is right for you. We have no issues doing multiple concepts if they’re required to help you settle on your final design. 

Artwork is a free service that we offer for our customers, and we would typically average three artwork revisions in a single order. Small changes like different logo or background colours are no trouble, but if you need a whole new logo designed, or a photo manipulated, these could incur additional costs as it involves a more premium design service. 

3D Mock Up

Another unique service we offer, for free, is that we can create your marquee design into a 3D mock up. These are generally conceptual, and often used for presentations and committee meetings. 

An example of our 3D mock up service

The videos are a great way to visualise your marquee design and see what the final product could look like. 

Summary and Conclusion

Printed marquees are our passion. We don’t just sell them because it’s something to do, we are genuinely invested in helping our clients buy a marquee that’s going to help them grow their business and promote their message. 

A large part of this is ensuring that whatever is printed on the marquee hits the mark and really helps you engage with your audience. There is no extra effort in printing a basic or highly creative design, so you can be assured that we will put in 110% to help you deliver your message with maximum visual impact.

We’re here for the long haul, and we love what we do. 

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