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We Make You Look Good

Create a successful presence at your events with a Technishelter™

Presence Is Easy With Technishelter™

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Complete Freedom

Print anything; logos, text, images, or photos with our brand application process. There are no limits, only your imagination.

Brilliant Colours & Design

Delight your audience with vibrant colours and endless design possibilities.

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360° Exposure For Your Club

Wenty Club Marquee With Printing

Incredible Impact

The complete freedom surrounding branding possibilities ensures that you will look professional and will be easily recognised in the crowd among everyone else.

Represent your club

Bring your team together

Promote your sponsors

Excellent advertising opportunities

Shelter your team

Rain, hail, or shine

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Past Clubs that we've worked with.

Elevate Your Business Presence

Printed Marquee For A Business

Be Bold At Events

Your business will stand out at your next event by customising your Technishelter™.

Once you apply your own flair to the shelter, you’ll definitely be the centre of attention when you next step up.

Get more business

A great way to boost sales

Build your brand

Be recognised in the crowd

Look professional

Image is everything

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Past Businesses that we've worked with.

Promote Your Educational Institution

School Printed Marquee

Embody Professionalism

Bring together all the parents, students, teachers and staff under a Technishelter™ that has been customised with your schools branding.

At interschool events, be the centre of attention and ensure no one will miss you.

Exude professionalism

Look the part

Get recognised

Let your students easily find you

Stay sun smart

UPF50+ NextUV fabric keeps you cool

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Past Educational Institutions that we've worked with.

Build Awareness For Your Cause

Fundraising Marquee

Engage Your Audience

Promoting your cause gets easier when you customise your Technishelter™ with your unique message.

With people attracted to you, conversation, donations and sign-ups will certainly follow immediately.

Announce your message

Make sure you get your point across

Achieve engagement

Attract more people to your cause

Promote your cause

Ensure no one misses you

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Past NFP's that we've worked with.

Elevate Your Market Shopfront

Market Printed Marquee

Display Impeccably

Among the hundreds of stalls and thousands of people, customisation of your Technishelter™ will ensure you stand out in the crowd. 

Build your brand every time you set up and let your Technishelter™ work for you to generate more business.

Stand out in the crowd

Get noticed among everyone

Get more business

More attention, more business, more profit

Build your brand

Get regular customers that find you easily

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Past Market Stallholders that we've worked with.

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