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Logo Redraw Service

April 8, 2020
Written by Alex C

Logo redraws are one of those services you don’t think about, or even know about, until you need it. Many smaller businesses and organisations have started off with hand drawn logos or have had a simple digital logo put together by a design enthusiast. While it may have worked for emails, flyers, and t-shirt prints, everything changes as soon as there is a need to print on something big. Like a printed marquee.

To ensure that we get the best quality print possible onto your marquee, we always request logos in a vector format to ensure that it does not pixelate when it’s blown up to full size and to also allow us to do proper Pantone colour adjustments if you need to match a specific brand colour.

However, we do understand that sometimes it’s difficult to find logos in this format, and therefore do offer a logo redraw service.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most common questions we are asked about the logo redraw service.

Why should I get my logo redrawn?

Just about any business, organisation, or big name brand you can think of will have their logo available in a vector format. This ensures the best quality print every time, keeping their brand consistent and always looking good. 

How much does it cost?

We offer the logo redraw at a price of $60 including GST for standard levels of complexity. If your logo has a very high degree of complexity, we will provide you a quotation for that service.

How long does it take?

Redraws are typically completed within 24 hours. If you are buying a marquee from us at the same time, it’s incorporated into our standard workflow so you don’t even feel the wait time.

What does redrawing a logo involve?

An experienced graphic designer will use your logo as a base and “hand” trace over your logo, which through the software they use, reproduces the logo into a vector format.

They also take the colours from your supplied image, but if you have specific or particular colours to match to, they will need to be specified to us.

What do we need you to supply us with?

Send us a copy of your logo in a raster format (JPG, PNG, BMP, etc), and as long as the file is not so small that you cannot see or make out the finer details, that will be perfectly sufficient.

Do you provide me back a copy of the logo in a vector format for my future use?

Yes, we will supply you a permanent copy (as a PDF file) for you to reuse for whatever you need in future. We also hold a copy on file for up to 24 months should you require it in future.

If you’d like to have us redraw your logo, please contact us to arrange you sending your logos to us.

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