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Caring For Your New Technishelter

January 14, 2021
Caring For Your New Technishelter
Written by Leah A

Congratulations on your new purchase! We know you’re going to love using your Technishelter at your events and the adventures you’ll find yourself enjoying, and even better planning more occasions on when you can pull the shelter out again!

To help you care for your Technishelter and extend the quality of life you two will have, we’ve put together a little TLC information pack to assist you in caring for your shelter.


Maintaining your beloved Technishelter is easy, but also very important. We recommend every 5 uses or every 3 months you run over the frame to inspect all the working parts. We’ve created a checklist to make it easy for you;

  • Check all the screws on the frame are firmly tightened, a moderate tightness is good, be careful to not overtighten. 
  • Check that the centre pole(s) can move up and down easily, you can lubricate with silicone spray (DO NOT use WD40 as it jams up the legs).
  • Check the legs slide freely. Simply put the legs on the top height and spray silicone lubricant to assist them in sliding more easily. 
  • Check that all the pull pins / push buttons operate correctly. If they do not, contact us immediately for a solution, as we carry spares in stock.
  • Check all joints of cross tubes and connectors and ensure they move easily. If not, apply silicone spray to assist with their movement.
  • Check the frame for mud / dirt / sand. Remove all excess debris from the frame as this can jam moving components.
  • Check if any component is bent / broken / not functioning correctly. If so, DO NOT continue using the marquee and contact us immediately. We carry spares in stock.
  • Remove the roof from the frame and complete a manual inspection of the roof. Ensure that everything is in good working order.

With proper maintenance as above, our folding marquees are designed to last a lifetime. 

Cleaning your Technishelter will increase its longevity. We recommend that you inspect your marquee regularly for areas which are constantly in contact with the ground such as, foot plates, the bottom of walls, pegs and ropes etc. These items will be the first to require a clean.

To clean the frame, you can use a degreaser with warm water if need be. Make sure you replace any lubrication with silicone spray on any moving part.

Fabric - Roof and walls

When it comes time to clean your fabric items of your Technishelter, there’s a few things to keep in mind. Depending on how dirty or stained your items are, you’ve got a couple of options. 

DO NOT machine wash. You can remove the top from the frame and use warm soapy water (dishwashing liquid) and a soft brush to push off any dirt sitting on the material's surface. It is essential that you leave the marquee out to dry before packing away or mould will occur. 

Upon a close inspection, if you notice a stain has moved into the thread of the material, you can attempt to use a slightly stronger detergent with an abrasive component, however do not scrub too vigorously otherwise you could weaken the fabric and cause a hole to form.

Our biggest pro tip is never pack a shelter away while the fabric is wet. If you need to pack it away wet while you’re on the go, ensure you set up the shelter again as soon as possible to prevent any mould.

Carry Bag

Our carry bags are designed to protect your shelter from the elements when being transported and stored. We’ve designed them with a lot of love, making them oversized so you’re not trying to squeeze the shelter in the bag. We’ve all been there with the beloved sleeping bag, right?

You can clean them just as you would the fabric roof and walls with warm soapy water and a soft brush - see above for more detail. 

Over time we have had people contact us as they’d like to patch repair small holes due to normal wear and tear. We are more than happy to send you out patches for you to repair your bag!

If your bag is beyond saving, we also stock shelter bags to purchase, we have 2 styles to choose from!


All our Technishelters come with a huge range of accessories, as a quick run down here's how you can take care of your shelter's accessories. 

  • Leg Weights - using a hard bristle brush, you can remove any dirt / mud / sand from the weights. If you wear through the surface coating over time, they can be repainted with any spray paint.
  • Sandbags - treating them as you would any of our fabric items, see the “Fabric - Roof and Walls” section on how to care. We recommend using a bag within the sand compartment area to house the sand, this way you can take the sand out when moving, as holding onto the handles will place too much stress on the stitching. 
  • Walls - see “Fabric - Roof and Wall” section on how to care. 
  • Gutter - as you would for any of your shelter's fabric items, do not pack this item away wet as mould will occur. If you need to pack it away wet, ensure you take it out to dry as soon as possible.
  • Lockbar - To maintain and clean, see “Frame” on how to.
  • Bags - Spot clean as needed, see “Carry Bag” section. You can also patch repair your bag if needed, contact us to organise a fabric patch. 

Spare Parts

Your Technishelter is a carefully considered design, meaning we use high quality materials which can easily be repaired or replaced, ensuring that you don’t need to replace the shelter in its entirety. 

Should you require a spare part for your shelter, simply take a photo of the part and send us an email - info@technishelter.com.au - and we’ll organise to send you out the part(s) you need!

We’re not all Handy Andy’s, which is why we have handy blog posts (with photos!) on how to replace the different components of your shelter. If all else fails, our team is available by phone or live chat from 9 to 5, Monday to Friday to walk you through the process if need be.


We believe in doing something once and doing it right. That’s why every shelter is a considered design, ensuring all parts can be easily repaired or replaced, ensuring you don’t need to replace the shelter in its entirety. 

By respecting your shelter, it’s designed to last a lifetime, making it a responsible investment in a sustainable future.

We’re here post sale as well, should you require assistance in replacing or repairing your shelter, we’re only a phone call or email away!

Weekdays 8:30AM - 5:30PM 1300 24 41 66 or info@technishelter.com.au

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