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How Marquee Mock Ups Work

May 7, 2020
How Marquee Mock Ups Work
Written by Eryn B

When it comes to buying a printed Technishelter - ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. From a simple two colour design to full colour vector graphics and photos; there is no limit to your design. 

We understand that not everyone is a visually minded graphic artist with the skills and knowledge to design their own marquee.  Whether you are a first time market stall holder, or you are a part of a club committee, many people like to see what is possible in terms of design.

What is a mock up?

A mock up is a great way to get initial inspiration flowing. We take your asset files (logos, photos etc.) and produce a layout based on your instructions (or a basic design brief). An artwork mock up is a part of our normal workflow. Things we would typically consult with you for the mock up include; placement of logos, images, photos, text, fonts to use, as well as clarifying specific colour needs like Pantone to ensure accurate colour matching. 

Rotary Artwork Mock Up
An example of a marquee mock up

The essentials: What we need to get started

Unlike the 3D mock ups which we can also provide to our clients, our regular mock ups are a more accurate representation of how your marquee will turn out, as the templates used in these mock ups are the templates used by our printers. For this reason, we need the correct logo files and high resolution graphics. 

Logo files must be provided in a vector format to ensure the best possible print finish. Logos in files such as jpeg, png, gif, or tiff, do not support vector. They are drawn the same way as a photo is on your screen, and will require a high resolution to print well. Should you not have your logo in a vector format, we also provide a redraw service

Regarding photos or detailed imagery, we need to be able to blow the image up very large for it to fit on your marquee. If you are looking at an image in Microsoft Paint, for example, and at 100% zoom you start to see some blurring of the lines, or blocky pixelation, imagine how amplified and noticeable the blurriness will appear at 800% (close representation of full size)! Images that are 300dpi or higher are best (at a scale of 1:10 of true size), though you can always get us to check if you are unsure.

Marquee Mock up Team #2
Getting to work on your marquee mock up

Mock up wait times

On average, a marquee mock up can be put together within one business day. Every order is different however, so the overall time spent on artwork will depend on:

  • The complexity of the design
  • The quality of the files provided
  • Whether we need to have a logo redrawn. 

Busier periods, such as Christmas and summer holidays, can also push back wait times to receive your mock up. We always go by order priority first (earliest deadlines), and from there it’s first in best dressed.

Do I need to pay to begin this process

As artwork is a free and time consuming service, we do ask for your commitment to an order prior to us arranging your mock up. This can either be made with a financial deposit, or by signing the bottom of your quote provided to you. We are happy to do as many as required until you are happy, though if many hours are spent on your design, we may choose to charge a design services fee at our discretion. 

Receiving your mock up

I would like to make some changes

We can certainly appreciate that some things may look better in our head than they do when laid out on the template.  If you have any feedback, questions or desired changes, we will require the minimum 50% deposit to be paid. From there, we move your order and all changes requested to the Artwork Team for further revisions. 

I am happy with the design and would like to proceed: 

If you are happy with the overall design and there are no changes that you require, the next step is that we move your order to our Artwork Team. In order to move to this stage, the minimum 50% deposit is required. From there, they will confirm your order details and get you to approve of the final print ready design. This is to ensure no unintentional changes are made between your approval and printing. 

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