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Free 3D Marquee Mock Up Service

April 16, 2020
Free 3D Marquee Mock Up Service
Written by Eryn B

Not everybody can visualise a design concept.  When it comes to buying a Technishelter printed marquee, we understand that for some, it is a huge investment and that it’s important to get a taste of what you’re paying for. This is why we offer a 3D marquee mock up service that offers a representation of what your marquee could look like before finalising an order.

We want nothing more than for you to be completely satisfied with your custom printed Technishelter. A 3D mock up is not only fun, but it is also a great tool for you to present to other decision makers in your business or committee group, which is why we often recommend this free service to our clients. Need we remind you again that it’s free?

What You Need To Supply Us With

The great news is, our requirements in terms of artwork for the 3D mock ups are quite basic. Because they’re just a mock up, we can often get away with using any type of common file (i.e. jpg, png, pdf) and don’t necessarily require high resolution logos or images. 

The essentials we need from you are:

  • A general overview of what you’d like it to look like (or if you trust our taste, we can do what we think will look best)
  • Your logo, in any format
  • Any specific font that you’d like us to use
  • And any images, colours, and/or backgrounds that you’d like on the mock up

We will get to work on the 3D mock up and it will generally be ready within 24 hours to send to you. 

What You Will Receive

What we will supply back is:

  • 1 x 360° video on Vimeo (free video sharing service)
  • 4 x still images from various angles

Below are some examples.

The above are just a small collection of marquee mock ups we've done previously.

Remember: This Is Just A Concept

A 3D marquee mock up is only a possible representation of what your quoted Technishelter could look like: it is not used for locking in a final design.

Upon committing to purchase, we will go through a separate process to complete printable artwork, as we often find the files supplied for the mock up are not able to be used for print production.

When it comes to finalising an order, we will re-do the artwork using high resolution images, vector artwork and specify unique colours where necessary. We also offer a vector logo redraw service, which is very handy if the logos used for the 3D mock up were either not initially supplied in vector, or cannot be sourced.

How Realistic Is The Mock Up

We've all had one of those moments where we've ordered something, and upon receiving it, it hasn't lived up to our expectations. Ordering a cheeseburger for example; why is it they always look amazing in ads, but you receive a disappointing, sloppy mess on purchase?

Below is a photo of how the marquee for Chaotic Energy turned out (see 3D example above). I think we nailed it!

Chaotic Energy Marquee In Use
The final result for Chaotic Energy's marquee

Summary and Conclusion

The 3D marquee mock up service is a great tool to visualise what your Technishelter marquee will look like before the first pixel is even printed. 

It can assist you with brainstorming a great design, or for setting up an awesome presentation with your manager or committee.

The mock ups are purely conceptual, but nonetheless they’re a really easy way to put a picture to your investment.

If you’re looking to buy a custom printed marquee, and you’d like to arrange a 3D mock up design, please feel free to reach out to us and request one.

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