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5 Ways To Stand Out With An Outdoor Printed Marquee

January 5, 2021
5 Ways To Stand Out With An Outdoor Printed Marquee
Written by Leah A

Okay, so you’re making the investment and getting yourself an outdoor printed marquee for your next event. Great! This is really exciting, and possibly even a little daunting? We’ve got you! 

We’re sharing our top 5 ways to stand out with an outdoor printed marquee, grab a cuppa and let’s take a look together at how we can help you draw a crowd in front of your marquee.

Be bold with your design

Did you know the most popular colours for a marquee are black, white and navy. Depending on your print package, we have so many options of roof colours to choose from! 

Maybe you’re feeling adventurous and ready to pick a bold colour? This can be introduced by using a secondary colour from your branding, or even using a complimentary colour.

Port Adelaide Football Club Outdoor Printed Marquee

There are many ways to be bold with your design, not just with roof colours. Maybe you could incorporate a pattern into the background and do something really eye catching.

But my branding colours are black, white and royal blue? Great, another way to maximise your boldness, you heard the saying “go big or go home!” - go large with logos and graphics onthe roof panels and valance.

Additionally, you can alternate the logos / images etc so you have two different shop fronts! Marquees don’t have a front, back, left or right, so if you have alternative designs it’s simple in future to just turn the marquee around 90 degrees for a different effect. We see this commonlily for schools, business and NFP who maybe include a sponsor or use their marquee for different events, tailoring their set up each time. 

Maximise exposure with sidewalls

Okay so we’ve got the roof designed, are you going to incorporate walls into your set up? Here’s a few reasons why we think walls make great accessories and elevate your presence at your next event. 

Depending on the market layout / site plan, there is opportunity to further increase your exposure. Carrying your brands colours, logos, images and patterns into your wall design. 

If you’re separated from your fellow stallholder and not hard up against each other, it’s a great way to continue your communication to your customers.

There are many ways to do this, it could be taking your logo or graphics and making a big statement on the side. Further reaching out to your customers and saying “Hey! I’m over here!”

If you’re using a pattern throughout your roof design, why not extend it down the wall as well! It’s a great way to incorporate some interest and fun into your design we always love when customers go all out with their designs.

The Ole Lollie Shop Marquee With Printing

Jazz up your wall with images!

Depending on your set up, we’ve got lots of options to further increase your branding or communication to your customers. Back walls, whether they are full or half walls offer a great backdrop to compliment your outdoor printed marquee. 

Large images or photos communicate a feeling and can even sell a dream. One of my favorite back walls showcased an aerial view of the waterfront living at Echuca Moana. The waterfront, walking tracks, greenery and views from your potential new home were gorgeous! Effectively communicating the dream of living by the waterfront.

Waterfront Moana Printed Marquee

You can also create a feature of your brand’s colour on your back wall, adding a further pop to your stall, with a large logo, or step it up a notch and create a media wall backdrop!

Reach new heights with a flag!

Ever looked down an aisle at a marquee and seen flags? Flags can be an under utilised accessory to an outdoor printed marquee. Reaching out and commanding attention from dense crowds or even defining the space in front of the marquee for your patrons. 

We have single and double sided options which are another great way to grab your customers attention. Typically we see flags being used in two types of set up - to grab people's attention with bold designs, or to communicate what you’re selling.

Bold and proud! There are no design limitations with a flag, just like a marquee we can print whatever you like. Match Pantone colours, or even create an eye catching pattern which is pulled from the design of your marquee roof.

Hoolagators Printed Marquee With Flags

If we look at a clean and simple idea for a flag, simply communicating what you sell - coffee or hot food - might be the way to go. You can bring in your background branding colour and add text highlighting what your product is. It can also become a point of reference, eg. “I’ll meet you at the coffee stall”.

Furthermore, a flag might be a great complementary communication to your customers paired with your outdoor printed marquee.

Create an atmosphere

Have you thought about adding some further interest by layering some additional props and dressing your area. This can go a long way in increasing your customers time spent at your stall, which might increase their total spend or it could even entice your customer to snap a photo and post to their social media. 

Let’s take a look at a few ideas;

  1. Are you an artisan who focuses on sustainable practices, adding a wooden pallet into your design to further communicate your businesses values and beliefs.
  2. Are you serving drinks and want to bring in some greenery to create a garden vibe, wrapping plants around the marquee frame.
  3. Or are you trading as the sun sets, fairy lights are perfect to add another element and draw a crowd!
Robert Connor Dawes Foundation Printed Marquee


There are many ways to stand out at your next event with an outdoor printed marquee! It’s an exciting purchase which deserves the time and effort to create something special.

Let’s recap our ideas;

  1. Be bold - use colour or pattern to increase the boldness in your design, remembering the most popular colours are black, white and navy. Or even making a bold statement with the size of your logo or graphics.
  2. Incorporate a side wall - grab your customers attention by telling them who you are and where you are by showing off your sides! Make your logo or graphics big or even bring the pattern from your roof design on your walls.
  3. Set your backdrop - use images or photos of your products, highlight important messages which you might not be able to communicate to every customer, or even go bold with big logos and graphics.
  4. Reach new heights - raise your flags and be proud! An under utilised accessory to an outdoor printed marquee is a flag, a great opportunity to reach out and grab your customers attention from the hustle and bustle of the aisles.
  5. Create your atmosphere - incorporate elements that communicate your values as a brand, or the emotion you wish to provoke. 

We hope this has given you lots of ideas! Our team is here to educate you on all of our products so you can find the best fit for you and your business, Let’s get the conversation started!

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