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What Is Hold Down Equivalent?

April 8, 2020
What Is Hold Down Equivalent?
Written by Eryn B

“Hold down equivalent”, or “equivalent anchorage”, refers to any kind of weighting system that is equivalent in effect on a marquee as block weights.  

We will provide anchorage requirements as weights (in kilograms). The weighting system you use doesn’t necessarily need to be a concrete block or a leg weight, it can be another fixing that has an equivalent anchorage to the concrete blocks or leg weights.

Weighting requirements for our marquees

Our weighting requirements in this table for the different marquee sizes. 

Weight vs Wind 15kg per leg30kg per leg45kg per leg60kg per leg75kg per leg90kg per leg
2.4x2.4m5268 8091101110
3x6m 334352596571

The amount of wind (in km/h), including gusts, a marquee can withstand for a given amount of weighting on each of the legs

Our marquees have been specifically engineered with our cast iron weights, but there are a variety of other marquee weighting solutions available. Each method has its own pros and cons which we detail in the linked article.

Example of alternative hold down equivalents

Alternative solutions to leg weights may include:

  • A Dynabolt that is driven into concrete that has a pull out force that exceeds the hold down equivalent requirement
  • A fixed structure with solid foundations - ie a house
  • A mobile structure that has a weight that will exceed our requirements - i.e. a car, van, truck with a good tie off point

What about temporary anchors like pegs

Temporary tie points such as pegs cannot be relied upon to provide the hold down equivalent required unless they are properly tested prior to being installed.

This is because different soil classifications (i.e. soft soil vs clay), installation methods (i.e. drive angle), and peg type (i.e. screw type, T-type, peg length) affect the pegs ability to provide equivalent anchorage as required. 

To test a temporary peg, you must use a scale to measure pull out strength of the peg at the same angle as the rope that will secure the marquee to ensure it can provide the appropriate anchorage. 

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