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How To Replace a Marquee Pull Pin Ring

April 30, 2020
How To Replace a Marquee Pull Pin Ring
Written by Eryn B

From time to time a pull pin ring assembly may be required to be changed on a Circulex frame. The process is extremely achievable and easy with the use of simple tools. If you are needing a new part, we also carry a full range of replacement parts that are generally kept in stock at all times.

If you have any questions or are unsure about any of the steps mentioned in the above article, please contact us before starting or continuing with the replacement steps.

Tools required:

  • 16mm Spanner (or an adjustable spanner set to 16mm)
  • A new complete pull pin ring assembly

Total time: 5 minutes

Locate the pin to replace

Circulex Pull Pin

Pull pin rings are small but crucial components for the set up of your marquee. When it comes to replacing them, these come as a whole assembly as pictured above. They are cost effective, and easy to replace.

Contact us to purchase the correct replacement part. Please ensure you have your order reference / tax invoice number as we have two different models of pull rings that fit different generations of the Circulex frame.

Remove the old pull pin

Loosening Pull Pin with Spanner

Using your 16mm spanner, position it around the large silver bolt at the end of the pull pin ring. 

Make sure you are gripping it tightly and loosen the pull pin ring by turning the bolt anti-clockwise so it releases from the threaded hole in the connector.

The entire assembly will come out. These parts can also be recycled.

Clean the pin hole and inspect the thread

Pull Pin Removed

During the removal process, some minor shavings might appear in the hole of the connector. Ensure it is clear and that the thread is free of damage to allow the new pin assembly to slot in easily. If there is any damage to the thread of the connector, you may not be able to insert the new assembly

Manually start threading in the new pin

Loose Pull Pin

Take your new pull pin ring and insert it into the hole in the connector. To begin with, use your hand to twist the pull pin in as much as possible. As the saying goes; left loosy and righty tighty.

Tighten the new pin

Loosening Pull Pin with Spanner

Then, use the 16mm spanner to tighten the pull pin ring by turning the bolt clockwise, until the large silver bolt at the end of the pull pin ring is flush against the connector. 

Do not over tighten the assembly. It does not need to be very tight, just flush against the connector.

Test the pin

Testing the Marquee Pull Pin

To make sure the pull pin ring has been replaced correctly, you can open the marquee frame all the way and lock the corner connectors (as seen in the image above) into the hole at the top of the leg. 

If it locks in with a noticeable click, and does not budge, then you have done the job correctly.

Maintenance & Tips

It is all well and good to replace these as needed, but here are a few extra tips in order to keep your pull pins in top shape so that you don’t have to.

Keeping your marquee dry to prevent rust

These pull pins are made from stainless steel, and while they generally do not rust, they can experience some oxidation over time (e.g. through contact with sea spray). Best practice would be to ensure you do not fold away your marquee while wet, and as an additional prevention method, add a layer of WD40 over these components. If you happen to see surface rust forming, we would recommend brushing it off so it cannot affect the performance of the pull pin. 

Don’t use excessive force. 

Pull pins don’t need much pull force to release. Excessive force can damage your pull pin over time, and therefore require another replacement. If you are finding the pin won’t release, try pushing up from one of the cross pieces to relieve downward pressure on the pin. You should then find it easier to release. Alternatively, try releasing other pull pins around your marquee, and come back to it.


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