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Visit our Melbourne Showroom

April 15, 2020
Visit our Melbourne Showroom
Written by Eryn B

We would love for you to visit our Technishelter marquees Melbourne showroom in Bayswater North, located only 40 minutes east of Melbourne.

We can not only show you the products, but we can also do a hands-on product demonstration together with you, so you can get a feel for exactly how easy Technishelters are to use. 

Here at Technishelter, we are made up of a small, close-knit team who look out for each other and for our clients. We know about fun, we know about quality marquees, and we know how to bring the two together! We are passionate about sharing our knowledge and experiences with you. 

We receive great feedback from clients that this showroom is an excellent resource that assists them in choosing the right product for their applications. 

Our marquee showroom in Melbourne is located at Unit 2 / 2 Royan Place, Bayswater North, Victoria. We are open Monday to Friday between 9AM and 5PM for visits.

Why we highly recommend visiting our showroom

How many times have you walked into a store to purchase something you thought you needed, but ended up walking out with something else quite different to what you imagined? When it comes to marquees, we find this to be all too common. We have previously had customers walk into our showroom saying “I want to buy a 4x8m marquee” but have ended up walking out with a 3x3m after the product demo, and others have upgraded their original idea of a base model marquee to a heavy duty model suitable for semi-permanent use.

This is why our preference is to have someone visit our showroom before buying a Technishelter, regardless of whether it’s plain, printed, for personal use, or business use. 

While we do our absolute best to be clear and provide all the information for an informative decision, communication breakdown will continue to be an ongoing challenge for online sales. The great benefit from purchasing in store is that it’s much easier to cover all the fine details that could be missed from a phone or email conversation.

We prefer to spend as much time with you as needed to ensure that you are confident and completely satisfied with your purchase, so that expectations are exceeded, and it will give you many years of carefree enjoyment and use.

Incentives to buy from the showroom

If you buy your Technishelter marquee from our Melbourne showroom we have two standing offers in place:

  • If you spend between $1000 and $1500, we will give you free sandbags with your purchase
  • If you spend over $1500, we will give you one free set of cast iron leg weights with your purchase

With either offer, we will provide one weight per leg. This however may not be enough weight for your intended application, so you can purchase additional weights as you require.

Please note that we are not extending this offer to people who are simply collecting their phone/online orders from our showroom. The intention behind this offer is about having that conversation with you in person to assist with your buying decision. 

Directions to us

The easiest way to get to our Technishelter marquees Melbourne showroom is to visit Google Maps and put in our address: 2/2 Royan Place, Bayswater North.

Some older maps may require our alternative address: 162 Colchester Road, Bayswater North - but don’t worry, it leads to the same place!

Outside our Showroom - Marquees Melbourne
Outside our Showroom - Technishelter Marquees Melbourne

You can also navigate your way from our Google Business Page, simply click “Directions”, enter your location, and your phone will work it's magic. If you have any issues getting here, call us on 1300 24 41 66 and one of our staff members can help.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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