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Our Revolutionary “Multi Wall” For Our Marquees

April 22, 2020
Our Revolutionary “Multi Wall” For Our Marquees
Written by Eryn B

A multi wall is a single unit sidewall accessory that combines practicality and convenience to your marquee. We designed this wall as a solution to the demands of many of our clients, who wanted the flexibility of allowing air flow into their marquee for hot weather conditions, a window cover for rainy conditions (but still with the views), a solid wall for privacy, and a door for accessibility. 

These are great for camping or for when you simply don’t know what the weather might do. Being from Melbourne, we can experience four seasons in one day, so it’s always great to be prepared! 

How does it work?

Our sidewalls, including the multi-wall, are made from the same waterproof and UPF50+ material our tops are made from, meaning you get all the same benefits when using the walls. 

We took a traditional plain, solid wall, and added the following:

  • Mesh window sewn into the fabric (for airflow)
  • Clear PVC window that rolls down from the outside (waterproof and bright)
  • Solid cover that rolls down from the outside (for privacy)
  • Zips approximately 20cm in from each side so it can be used as a door (for accessibility)

How do I set it up?

These walls are very easy to use and to install. All the way along the bottom skirts of our canopy tops, you will find the opposing Velcro to the top of the side walls. Starting on one corner, you attach the wall by joining the Velcro together, and working your way along. 

Once the first wall is up, you can use the elastic ties we supply to secure the sides to the legs. When multiple side walls are in use, they can also attach together via a vertical Velcro strip on each end, and share one elastic tie between two eyelets. This encloses your marquee nicely, and stops the walls from flapping around in wind.

Below we have taken some photos for each configuration so you can see exactly how it works in action.

Solid Wall Configuration

Marquee Multi Wall Solid Side
The multi wall when set up in a solid wall configuration with all flaps closed

Like our standard solid walls these provide both privacy, shade and protection from Ultraviolet rays, wind, and rain.

Window Wall Configuration

Marquee Multi Wall with Window
Rolling up the outside flap that converts the solid wall into a window wall

In window mode, the multi wall allows light to pass through brightening the underneath of a dark marquee.

Mesh Wall Configuration

Marquee Multi Wall with Mesh
Rolling up the window flap that then allows air to pass through the mesh inside the wall

For when you need airflow, mesh mode provides air flow and helps strong winds pass through the marquee.

Door Wall Configuration

Marquee Multi Wall with Door
The whole wall can be rolled up to be used as a door

Door functionality is great for when you need to gain access to your fully enclosed space, or when you need access behind your marquee in a market or trade show environment.

We want your feedback

Our multi walls are a creation based on the needs of our customers, and we continue to take feedback very seriously. We see this as not only an opportunity to hear what we are doing well, but also to see what areas we can improve on. 

When the multi wall was first released, we had a number of customers notice water dripping down inside their marquee when the outside “solid” cover was rolled up (window mode). This was because the roll down window was originally sewn on the inside, and rain would hit the mesh and drip down between the two layers, and into their marquee. 

After a quick trip back to the drawing board, we ultimately moved the roll down covers to the outside. The solid and window panels now overlap on the outside bottom edge to ensure no further rain leakage, and are also held in place with velcro, improving the water tightness of the wall. It’s the little things that make our products different.


Multi walls are a great versatile option for any application. They are designed to give you more control for your marquee set up in all weather conditions, eliminating the need for multiple sidewall solutions and ultimately saving you some extra cash.

Another handy thing about these walls is that you can put them up in any combination you like as any wall fits on any side of the marquee. You can even fully enclose the marquee by using four walls, and with the use of just one multi wall, you can effectively turn the marquee into a large tent.

Multi walls can be sold separately, or as part of a whole Technishelter marquee package. If you are interested in a quote for either of these options, contact us today.

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