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Comprehensive Guide To Setting Up Outdoor Dining Areas

October 30, 2020
Comprehensive Guide To Setting Up Outdoor Dining Areas
Written by Alex C

Now that restrictions are being eased, it’s time to get back to business. One of the key features of the new COVID-normal is that cafes, restaurants and bars are being encouraged to set up outdoor dining areas for their patrons. 

Based on advice from the DHHS and other government agencies, outdoor dining has a much lower risk of transmission of COVID-19 than indoor settings, resulting in fewer restrictions and the opportunity to increase your customer intake.

Of course, there is one key difference between indoor and outdoor dining. Most businesses are not set up for outdoor dining, or at least not set up for permanent outdoor dining. While courtyard areas are common, these are generally only available for use when the weather is good and there is no rain. 

To be able to trade successfully in the new normal we are experiencing now, it is worth investing in your available outdoor spaces for outdoor dining. And what better time to start than now with summer just around the corner?

A Technishelter is your perfect companion

A folding marquee, like the ones we manufacture here at Technishelter, are a great way to expand your capacity in all weather conditions whether it’s hot sun, or rain. 

Printed Outdoor Dining Marquee

Our Technishelters are UPF50+ meaning that they will ensure that your guests do not get burnt by the sun. At the same time, they are also all completely waterproof too, especially when you consider our NextUV fabric has a rating of 5000mm of waterproofness. 

Utilising our range of different sized marquees you will be able to cover any area you want to ensure patronage in all weather conditions. 

Technishelter - Easy to use, fast to set up

Our marquees are designed to be extremely easy to use for all types of people. 

From the moment you receive the marquee, the total time to have it ready to go and set up is only a matter of minutes - meaning you can get ready and trading fast!

In most cases, you don't even need to worry about council permits, as marquees are considered temporary structures!

The marquee will arrive with the roof and frame in separate boxes, and the first task you will have to do is to put the roof onto the frame of the marquee. This step is very simple, where you just open the frame up 30% of the way and then throw the roof over the top and secure it with the Velcro tabs. 

Once the roof is secure, it’s time to open the frame up fully. This is completed by simply lifting the frame open, and it will start to extend itself to the full size. 

Once at full extension, the pins are clicked into their locating holes and the unit is ready to go except for needing to be raised up to the desired height. It’s important to ensure that the leg adjustments are used to level the marquee based on the ground your setting up on. 

The final step is just to secure the marquee to the ground. Our suggestion is where possible to use dynabolts to secure it, but if you need a temporary method to weigh it down either our sandbags or leg weights are perfect for that.

The “Go To” 4X8M Technishelter

Our most popular marquee option for outdoor dining is our 4X8M Technishelter

It is massive and it covers a huge area of 32 square meters. The government has said that for outdoor dining, the density quotient is one person per two square meters. This means that in a 4X8M marquee you can fit up to 16 people - which is great!

4x8m Outdoor Dining Marquees

You can see in the above example, this particular client has used two 4x8’s set perpendicular to each other in their courtyard. This has allowed them to use a space that had been previously set aside only for good weather events to be used in all weather conditions to seat patrons. 

Another alternative to consider, by still covering the same space is using two 4x4m marquees set next to each other. Using two smaller marquees rather than one larger marquee has many benefits, but the key benefit is they are a lot easier to set up and take down as required.

Multiple marquees can be linked together

The great thing about Technishelters is that you can put multiples together to cover as large of a space as you want. 

Multiple Outdoor Dining Marquees

You can sit them side by side, and secure them to each other, to cover areas of any size. 

When set up together also, it’s possible to add a gutter between multiple marquees to ensure that they do not leak during rain events. 

The gutter is an extremely simple solution for this, and only takes a matter of minutes to install. It will guide any rain that falls between the marquees out of the dining area, and it will keep everyone underneath nice and dry as you want. 

Speak to the team today

Our team is here to help you set up your outdoor dining area today. 

Our products are generally kept in stock, and ready to dispatch nationwide from our warehouse in Bayswater, Melbourne. 

We are available on the telephone business days between 8:30AM and 5:30PM. 

Let our team work with you to get you back to trading today.

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