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Portable shade marquee information for grant applications

February 20, 2020
Portable shade marquee information for grant applications
Written by Alex C

When it comes to applying for a grant, having the right information and communicating your needs well can make all the difference in determining the outcome of your application. 

If you’re a club, school, or other type of community group there are grants made available from places like VicHealth and Cancer Council, where you are eligible to apply for funding for items such as portable shade marquees. 

Available portable shade grants

In recent years, we have come across two popular grant programs that community groups have applied for. These are: 

While you are not guaranteed funding, we have seen many groups take the opportunity to reapply over subsequent years and have been successful.

In addition to these, there are numerous other grants available to apply for including, but not limited to, ones like these :

Grant applications will often require a detailed description about what you intend to purchase with the funding, along with an outline of how & where you will be using the portable shade, and also, why you are in need of the funds.

We thought it would be useful to put together an information guide to provide you with the right information for the relevant sections. To be clear, this isn’t something for you to “copy and paste”, but more of a guide where you can benefit from the perspective of people who know and understand the products.

Our guide to completing the product information section of the VicHealth grant

Number of structures to be purchased

This will ultimately depend on your clubs size and needs. As a general rule however, we recommend the use of two smaller marquees, rather than one larger marquee. 

Where will the portable shade/s be used? (One main location, multiple sites)

Again, this depends on your particular needs as a club/organisation

Describe the type of portable shade you are applying for (maximum 100 words)

– Model name 
– Cover material 
– Frame material 
– Product dimensions (mm) 
– Colour 

Here is a suggested example:

We are interested in purchasing a Technishelter Circulex. 

Their frames include a 20 year warranty and are made of a structural grade aluminium. The legs are 50mm round in profile, and the {size} is designed to withstand winds up to {wind speed}.

They use a fabric called NextUV which is a proprietary material they developed themselves. It has a 5 year no significant fade or structural loss guarantee. We are interested in the colour {colour name} (Please select a colour from our NextUV colour options PDF)

In addition to all this, the marquee itself comes with an inclusion in the Technishelter “Brand Promises” Program. This program guarantees worry free operation for a period of 3 years from the date of purchase if we purchase the appropriate number of safety weights to accompany the portable shade.  

Depending on your size, you can include the appropriate sentence from below

The 2.4X2.4M Circulex® frame is designed to withstand winds up to 115km/h
The 3X3M Circulex® frame is designed to withstand winds up to 108km/h
The 3X4.5M Circulex® frame is designed to withstand winds up to 100km/h
The 3X6M Circulex® frame is designed to withstand winds up to 75km/h
The 4X4M Circulex® frame is designed to withstand winds up to 54km/h
The 4X8M Circulex® frame is designed to withstand winds up to 39km/h

Does the portable shade solution comply with all relevant safety standards required by law? (Yes, No)

Frames include testing and compliance to AS 1170 - Structural Design Actions, AS 1684 - Aluminium Structures, Regulation 126 - CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE FOR PROPOSED BUILDING WORK, Regulation 1507 - Certificate Of Compliance - Design.

Fabric has been tested to ASTM D5034-09, UNE EN ISO 13934-1, ASTM D1424-09, UNE EN ISO 13937-3, AATCC118, AATCC22, AATCC147 2011&30:2004 / AATCC100 2012, EN ISO 12947-2:2016, ISO811, UNE EN ISO 12945-2, ISO 15025:2000, UNE EN 25077:1996, AATCC 16, ISO105B04, UNE-EN ISO 105-E03:1997. It includes a 5 year no significant fade guarantee, a 5 year no significant strength loss guarantee, and is abrasion & tear resistant, 5000mm waterproof, UPF50+ rating, anti-pilling & anti-mildew, flame retardant, oil & water repellent, and alkane, acid, and salt resistant.

• How will the portable shade be used? (maximum 100 words)

– Why have you chosen a portable shade?

This could include reasons like:

  • A marquee is a great way to provide shade to a large number of people at the same time
  • You do not have permanent facilities and a portable shade is a cost effective way to protect a lot of people from the sun

Describe how the proposed portable shade will be stored (maximum 100 words)

– How will it remain in good and safe condition for the life of the structure?

Our recommendations around how to keep it in good condition include:

  • Allow the unit to dry completely before being packed away
  • Do not allow the portable shade to get too dirty before cleaning it. We can supply cleaning instructions for NextUV to keep it looking it’s best for the longest period of time

Part of keeping the portable shade “safe to use” for its lifetime, this will include:

  • Should any parts become damaged in the unit, during the first three years we will send out free replacement parts to repair the shelter.
  • Inclusion in the Brand Promises Program. Part of the requirements of this program is the use of leg weights. We explain in this article why we highly recommend the use of our cast iron leg weights

Attach a photograph of the portable shade (if available)

– This photograph can be a professional image or taken with a phone camera.

We can supply a range of photos to submit with your application. Please contact us for this. 

Other questions that may be asked

Here are some general questions that we’ve had clients get asked in the past too. 

Where is the supplier located?

Technishelter is located in Bayswater North, in Melbourne, but delivers Australia wide. They’re widely used and recognised amongst major markets across the eastern seaboard capitals. 

How long has the manufacturer been established for?

Technishelter has been manufacturing and selling marquees since 2003 under the Canopy Outdoor brand, but they recently launched Technishelter as a new concept where marquees are built to a performance standard and are sold with performance guarantees. 

What is the ABN of the supplier?

Technishelter is a brand and trading name of Clear Bridge Group Pty Ltd, ABN 26 103 325 453.

Is the product sustainably manufactured / sourced?

Technishelter is conscious of the single-use/consumable culture in the marquee industry, and has chosen to focus on selling a high quality product that meets the needs and demands of its users, and provides many years of use. These units can be repaired and maintained to extend its lifespan which promotes a more sustainable lifestyle.

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