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New Marquee Print Package Videos Launched

July 3, 2020
New Marquee Print Package Videos Launched
Written by Alex C

Although a large percentage of our Technishelters go out unprinted, a larger proportion of them actually go out custom branded for clients to help them grow their businesses or promote their messages; that gets us really excited to be a part of helping our clients.

However, for some time now we've been offering a range of different print packages that cover all those different uses cases, but we've often been asked by clients if there was a more visual way we could actually show them the difference between the packages to help them visualise exactly what those package would look like for them.

Well, we have listened to those requests and have now actually gone ahead and made a range of different videos that directly compare our print offerings both by size, but also by package.

A Comparison of Print Packages For One Size

The videos are a revolving marquee with artwork applied in the areas that are included in each of the different packages.

As the marquee completes a full revolution, it changes the print package for the next revolution so you can directly see the difference between the two.

A comparison on the print packages on a 4x4m Marquee

This video compares all four of the print packages on the single size of marquee, making it easy to understand what is included with each.

So far we have received very positive feedback about this being a helpful tool for our clients in deciding on a package that is right for them.

Our customisation page has a range of different examples in the galleries that would help you to get inspired about what you could do with your own Technishelter.

All Sizes In The Same Print Package

At times, although a client may be set on a package (for example, Package 3 which includes the two half walls and the back wall), they might be tossing up between different sizes.

Where size is not a limitation, they might be considering two different sizes like a 3x3m marquee or a 3x4.5m marquee. This video was created for those types of decisions so that you can see directly one after another what the different sizes end up looking like in the same package.

A look at what each size looks like in Print Package "4"

To see all of our sizes and a few different designs, you can check out the rest of the videos on our YouTube Channel.

Request a 3D Mock Up

We offer a compliementary 3D Mock Up service with all Technishelters to help you visualise exactly what your marquee will look like once it's printed.

We recognise that an investment in a Technishelter is not one that should be taken lightly, and we therefore have a goal to ensure that the final product not only satisfies, but also delights you. In fact, we want you to be blown away.

We believe the way to achieve that is to get a good representation on what your Technishelter will look like before any major work has started. We have worked hard to create a service that offers a realistic 3D CAD designed model of a marquee with artwork, so that you can be confident in what to expect when the real thing arrives.

So don't feel shy to ask for a 3D mock up during your purchase. It's included, free of charge!

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