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Technishelter® Print Packages

Stand Out From The Crowd

Branding Overview

Take your Technishelter® to the next level by adding one of our customisation packages. You have the complete freedom with printing options to ensure that you will look professional and will be easily recognised in the crowd among everyone else.
Our range of four print packages, in our experience, covers 99% of what clients need. However, we do have the ability to fully customise a print package to match your environment if you're regularly set up with a wall behind you, next to someone, etcetera. 

Printing Overview

  • DuraWeave™ fabric
  • Complete digital process - print anything
  • Outdoor specific print process
  • We help with the artwork
  • Pantone / unique colour matching
  • 2 year no significant fade guarantee

Additional Services


Package 1 Overview

This package has been crafted as the perfect "basic" package for those that are looking to get their brand and name out there, but do not require any walls to block weather or add additional branding.

What's Included

  • Full entire roof print

Package 2 Overview

Package 2 builds on the standard package by adding an extra rear wall (considered the long side on rectangular Technishelters®). The rear wall is a perfect addition to put branding or imagery for people to see while inside the shelter. The wall can be optioned though, if preferred, to have the branding facing outwards.

What's Included

  • Full entire roof print
  • One single sided wall for the "long" side

Package 3 Overview

Now adding an additional two half sidewalls allows you to close off the shelter from the sides and yet at the same time still promote your business or organisation. The half walls come included with the required hardware and all walls can be optioned which way you'd prefer them to be facing.

What's Included

  • Full entire roof print
  • One single sided wall for the "long" side
  • Two single sided ½ walls for the "short" sides

Package 4 Overview

Our most inclusive print package, this includes full side walls for three sides of the shelter along with the included roof print. The walls are a great way to promote your message while at the same time still maintaining a branding impact.

What's Included

  • Full entire roof print
  • One single sided wall for the "long" side
  • Two single sided wall for the "short" sides
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